not really a recipe, but yeah, you should prolly read on.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So hi people. its chef lyla here. (whoa, such a statement) since this blog is read by mostly college friends and some of us are leaving (or left dy) soon, i guess i better give you guys heads up bout whats ahead (food-y stuff mostly, well hey, its cook-a-rama), from my experience, at least. u ok with tht folks? aite, read on then :)

so its the fasting month and all and bear in mind, its reaaalllly cold here despite it being not winter time yet. eat lots of carbs during sahur or u'll die on ur way to faculties as ppl here rarely use any other transportation besides well, their freakingg own feet. you can expect to do 2-7 km of walking collectively each day depending on wheather your accom is far away or close by. either ways, i bet my pinky that you'd still have to walk a lot.

the buka puasa is usually held at the uni mousque where meals are sponsored by some rich pakarabs, every weekday. but then again, that depends on wheather or not the islamic society in your university is an active one or not. from what i hear however, places where there is 'kampung melayus' (warwick, manchester,soton and yes my notts) do have free iftar. worse come to worst, there are always seniors who are super duper nice and will invite you for buka puasa. seriously, dorg sgt,sgt,sgt baik. so yeah, remember to return the favour sometime later (read: when you get better at cooking or you'll be mortified as the seniors cookings are sgt sedap ok. baik lelaki mahupon perempuan)

as much as you can get free meals and tapau for sahur (oh yeah, i do that), you cannot run from having to cook your own meals during the weekends. thats where this blog comes as a big helping hand. try to get essentials (knives, pots n pans, plates) as quickly as possible. they doesnt have to be those expensive ones. go to the cheap stores nearby and rest assured, you can get the stuff for only a quid or two or less. alternatively, you can always buy those instant vege pizzas, pastas, nasik goreng and what not n pop it into the microwave (most accom do provide this so no worries of angkuting a microwave aaaalll the way from msia, guys! haha)

that said, i just wannna let you all know, its not all fun and play here. surviving is a skill, u need to have endurance, patience, wit, creativity and initiative. be prepared to be homesick during sahur time especially. dont tell anyone but i actually shed a lil tear on my 1st day sahur here, it felt so far away and so inadequate. but i guess at the end of the day, thats the whole point of getting to a new place n a kind of starting a new life. its the experince and the person you become out of em that really matters.

finally, enjoy your time in msia. as much fun as youre gonna get here, u'll sometimes still think of malaysia and all its goodness. to those who belum ada rezeki to go abroad, if anything you shudnt feel sad. we all will have different sets of experience and im sure, all will find the purpose god fated us to go that path sooner or later, if you havnt already found it. the lamp might be different but the light is all the same :)


Choc Fudge

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ija reminded me of something I've wanted to post but never got round to doing it. The choc cake's always with this fudge. It makes the cake moister. Plus, it can double as bread spread. My mum sometimes make a potful, and we eat it with sliced bread! Seriously yummy.


1/2 cup cocoa powder
1 cup water
1 cup Ideal evaporated milk/ fresh milk
1 cup sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla essence
1/2 cup corn flour
1/4 cup butter


1. Combine all ingredients in a saucepan and mix well, making sure there are no lumps.
2. Boil on medium heat.
3. Simmer and stir continuously until it comes to spreading consistency.
4. Pour on cooled cake.

Goodbye from me

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hola guys..
Chocolate biscuits with choc centres will probably be my last post..
Though I doubt that anyone would care that I'm not posting anything..
Alia will take care of everything..
Have fun cooking and trying new recipes..


Chocolate Biscuits with Soft Chocolate Centres

I got this recipe from a website and I've tried it.It's really delicious.


* 140g/5oz butter
* 140g/5oz caster sugar
* 2 egg yolks
* 255g/9oz self-raising flour
* 30g/1oz cocoa powder
* 30 squares of chocolate (milk, white or plain)

Cream the butter and sugar together until pale. Beat in the egg yolks, then add the flour and cocoa powder to make a dough. Turn out and knead, then pop it into the fridge for a while. Preheat the oven to 190ºC/375ºF/gas 5.

However, if you find your dough too crumbly (that's what happened to me and I was on the verge of tears)
, heat some butter in a pan and pour it onto your dough. And then knead so that it will be properly mixed.

On a lightly floured surface, roll about a third of the dough out thinly, then cut out about 30 circles with the smaller cutter (you can do fewer if you want the biscuits bigger). You can also roll the dough on a baking sheet. It won't stick (mine didn't). I prefer rolling it on a kertas which u can get from kedai kek (i hav no idea wut its called) cause if you use flour, they will definitely stick to your dough and if you accidentally put too much, you might end up with a batch of biscuits which will be too hard to eat. Or maybe you'll still be able to eat them, but it will still be hard. And the dough will also be very crumbly.

Spread them out on the baking sheet and put a square of chocolate in the middle of each one – make sure you use all the chocolate however many you do. Then roll the rest of the dough out (I always add the leftovers from the first lot of cutting to it and knead it a bit). Cut out the same number of circles with the larger cutter and pop them on top of the chocolate, pressing gently all the way round to seal the edge and keep all the chocolate in.

Cook in the preheated oven for 10 minutes, and eat them hot or cold.

p/s: this isn't totally my own writing. copy pasted some of it. but anyhow,try it. it's good. i'm off baking though. i'm sticking to normal cooking. baking sure is hard man.
any question, just post a comment. will be happy to help..=)..

pss: apparently if u follow the recipe correctly,u shudnt hav any trouble with the dough..i made a mistake the 1st time i did it,n dats y i ended up with crumbly dough..n i can assure u the end result will be really good,it'll b a hit me..u can also add choc chip n buat bntuk cookies biase instead of letak choc in da middle..sdap!..

Yummy Brownies!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

saya adalah kipas-susah-mati chocolate cake atau yang sewaktu dengannya. maka, marilah kita buat brownies pula. setelah cik alia mengeluarkan resipi kek chocolate nya.

the ingredients
3/4 cup cocoa powder - sieve
cooking chocolate - im using half of the large bar tu.- melted
125ml cooking oil/ melted butter or margerine
2 eggs
1/2 cup fresh milk
1 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup castor sugar
2 tbs vanilla
1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
chocolate chips - kalau takde guna cooking chocolate yg di potong kecil2
oreo biscuit - di hancurkan.(optional)

masukkan eggs ke dalam cooking oil dan kacau2 . then masuk vanilla dan susu.
ketepikan. masukkan cocoa powder kedalam mangkuk, then masuk tepung, oreo, gula, garam, chocolate chips dan kacau. then masukkan melted cooking chocolate ke dalam tepung dan kacau. pastu masukkan bancuhan minyak dan tepung tadi ke dalam mangkuk. kacau sampai sebati.
griskan bekas pembakar. taburkan walnut dan tuangkan adunan ke dalamnya. bakar dalam suhu 180c selama 30 minutes!

Kue Teow Ladna

tadi berbuka saya buat kue teow ladna..
mari buat cara saya..hehe

the kuahs
garlics yang di lenyek dengan senduk je
sotongs, ayam (taknak pun takpe) - potong kecil-kecil
udangs - wajib!
sedikit minyak masak
sayuran - carrot, sawi, mini jagung, kubis-kubisan - potong la ikut saiz sesedap telan.
tepung jagung
sos tiram (taknak letak pun takpe, saya tak guna sebab tak suka)

the kue teow
kue teow
minyak masak sikit

mari memasak!
mula2 masak the kue teow dulu. how? panaskan minyak dalam kuali, then letak kue teow dah kicap. goreng2 sampai rata. then, kosongkan part tengah dalam kuali tu dengan cara ketepikan kue teow tu. pastu masuk telur. jangan kacau terus.. tunggu agak2 dah separuh masak atau dah garing sikit baru kacau dengan kue teow tu.patu letak la the kue teow dalam pinggan.
then, lets do the kuahs. panaskan minyak, tumiskan garlics, then masuk ayam, udang, sotong. masuk air sikit. then masuk sayuran, kacau2. then masuk 1 tbs tepung jagung yang dicampur dengan sedikit air. then masuk pepper dan garam.then, tuangkan kuah itu ke atas kue teow tadi. maka siap lah untuk di telan! hehe

selamat try rakan2! toodles..

Sheperds Pie

bila saya depresi, saya suka escape. escape from reality. dan salah satu caranya saya.... memasak!! hee

Sheperds Pie
( jangan tanya saya kenapa ini namanya, ada la history dia left behind kot.)

the filling
isi ayam yang dicincang
carrot - potong dadu
bell pepper - potong dadu jugak
tomato puree - nak ganti dengan prego pon bole
margarine - better than butter kerana ia lemak tak tepu
mr. bawangs - bawang merah & putih yg di hiris atau tumbuk atau blend pon bole

the topping
potatoes - boiled & mashed
cheddar - shredded
margerine (again)
fresh milk

ok, now lets get moving babeh. ahaks!
easy easy..mula-mula, masak the filling dulu. macam mana nak masak? ok macam ni, panaskan pan, masukkan margerine then bila dah melted dan cukup panas, tumis those mr. bawangs. agak-agak aroma dia dah menyirap ke hidungs, then masuk ayam..kasik half cook then masuk carrots and bell pepper. last but not least the tomato puree. kacau2 kejap then tutup api and just leave it for a while.
now lets do the topping. masukkan margerine ke dlm mashed potatoes and mix well. then, masuk sebahagian cheddar dan pepper dan kacau lagi. pastu masuk milk (jangan banyak sgt ye, half cup pun ok) kacau rata.
finally, masukkan the filling tadi ke dalam bekas ape-ape yg boleh di gunakan untuk membakar. patu letaklah topping mashed potatoes tu. garnish kan dengan shredded cheddar on top of the potatoes. before bakar, letak margarine sikit kat atas sebab takut cheddar jadi hangus and kering. masukkan ke dalam oven pada suhu 200c for 40 minutes atau sampai cheddar tadi cair dan jadi brownish2.

oh lagi satu, kalau anda kreatif. boleh la buat filling guna seafood ke, guna sauce lain ke like cream of mushroom ke etc...janji sedap!

oh sungguh sedap dan senang!! ala2 lasagne pulak sebab saya guna prego. haha. ada italian style gitu! selamat mencubaaa..

Asam Pedas Ayam/Ikan/Daging Mak Pah

Dear friends,

FYI, Mak Pah is my beloved nenek from Johor Bahru. Well, younger people call her Mak Pah while her grandchildren call her 'mak' (specifically, my siblings are the only one who call her 'mak') or 'wan' (generally). I am proud of her as she can cook many great recipes even though she did not graduate from Cambridge University. (this is sort of like nonsense la...)

It is such an honour for me to display this so called traditional recipe originated from southern peninsular Malaysia (Malacca and Johore). FYI again, asam pedas is a must-have dish when we organize family gathering, e.g. majlis berbuka puasa, majlis saja-saja n majlis ape-ape jela... It is so simple to prepare and very delicious, yummy!!! hingga menjilat pinggan ketitisan kuah yang terakhir... gittuhhh overnya...

I am sorry for the very long preamble... Honestly, i am so excited!!! So, try this recipe and enjoy, bon apetite!!! oh yea... this is served for 5 to 6 persons

Blended Ingredients:

1. 10 Small shallots
2. 5 Garlics
3. Shrimp paste a.k.a belacan (how can I measure? erm,,, ambil sikit sajjo sudah occay)
4. Dried Chili about 10 table spoon


1. Tamarind (jangan overdose sudeyh)
2. Salt, Sugar and Ajinomoto (u have the option whether to put in the flavouring)
3. Daun Kesom (ade sesiapa yang taktau daun kesum tu hape??? kak quiy cubit manja nanti baru korang tau)

Harros tanya lagik, semestinya ayam, ikan e.g. keli, sembilang, merah, terubuk, pari parang, bla bla bla...


1. Make sure the oil is heated in the pot.
2. Put in all the blended ingredients and stir it well.
3. After a while, about 5 minutes, put in the tamarind. (jangana kau masukkan sesajjo asam jawa tuhhh... pastikan sudeyh digaul dengan air)
4. Sugar, salt and ajinomoto disatukan... barulah u guys put in all the ayams and ikans...
5. Wahhh... sudeyh siap juga...
6. Haaarrrosss ada nasi panas, baru ada ummpphhh...

Just Another Tips

Monday, September 15, 2008

i just learned something yesterday..if you're planning to do a homemade bawang goreng, sila goreng bawang2 yg telah dipotong itu dengan minyak baru..because if you decide to use minyak yg dah digunakan untuk goreng bnde lain,your bawang goreng won't end up as rangup as you wish it would be..
sekian terima kasih..

apple crumble-licious!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

ehem ehem, sound check check 1, 2, 3..

Dengan sedikit bangganya saya cik Eja nak mengisytiharkan bahawa telah berjaya membuat apple crumble yang marvelous! hahaha. and the semangatnya cik Eja texting cik Alia terhadap kejayaannya itu.yahhh!

so, marilah try rakan2!

the apple
beberapa biji apple (tak kisah merah atau hijau) - dice into small chunks
then place those apples in a pot and add in some sugar (brown sugar would be the best), cinnamon powder (but i didn't put this because i don't like cinnamon) and some water. stew for 20-30 minutes or until the apples become soft. make sure u guys stir continually to prevent puree. then, toss well and place in baking tray and leave to cool.

the crumble
150g brown sugar is the best (castor sugar is a substitute)
200g all purpose flour
120g butter/margerine
oats, cornflakes, biskut Digestive (optional) - oh, kasi hancur ye!
raisins (pun optional)

beat the butter with sugar in a bowl. then combine the flour and all the additional optional thingy into the ball. kacau kacau and kacau until the mixture has a crumbly-cious texture. sprinkle the crumble topping evenly over the apples. baked in 150c for 1/2 hour or until it turn brownish. then, siap sudah!

for a better taste, leave it cool in fridge so that it hardens.

add vanilla ice-cream topping then telan lah sepuas hati! agagaga.

ps: photos taken by phone je. my cammie misplaced and lost and not found! huhu

Makan Biskut, Jangan Kedekut

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tajuk menggunakan rima kata yang seirama, asalkan tidak menggangu-gugat perlembagaan undang=2 sudeh.

Sebelum aku nak mengikuti jejak kasih rerakan chef tidur, aku nak mengshare 2-3 jenis biskut sempena lebaran yang mendatang.(macam ayat sampaikan salam aidilfitri plak).

Biskut Cornflakes Rangup.

Resepi-ada dalam blog aku post zaman Abu Nawas-tak ingat dah bila.

Biskut Sarang Semut.

Boleh sewakan biskut sarang semut ini kepada semut dengan harga langsung berpatutan sempena musim perayaan.
Tepung gandum,jagung,kastard-kira satu keluarga tepung la.
Esen Vanila secukup rasa korang.
Butter 250g.
Gula aising mengikut tahap diabetes anda.
Chocolate rice & and yang kaler=2 juga.

#Campur semua diatas yang mana rasa patut dicampur. Parutkan dengan halus dan masukkan kedalam paper cup menggunakan sudu. Kemudian hias dengan chocolate rice @ apa=2 yang disukai. Bakar. Kalau rasa kurang berstail membuat biskut ala=2 kekampungan ini, boleh mencuba biskut sarang maksiat mahupun sarang penyeludupan. Pilihan di tangan anda.

Biskut Aiskrim

Jauh panggang dari api dari Walls-Cornetto perhaps.

Tepung gandum-240g, jangung-100g,and kastard-160g,ubi kentang
Telur ayam pencen 2 biji-kuning saja.
Gula aising 60g.
Shortening kalau suka.
Esen Vanilla.
Serbuk Penaik Semangat.
Chocolate rice plus manik=2 berwarna.
Coklat Masak untuk dicelupkan.
Hiasan gula manik=2 berwarna yang boleh didapati di kedai=2 kek berdekatan.

#Campur bahan=2 dia atas secara bergaya dan berstyle dan tekapkan menggunakan acuan
aiskrim. Amaran : Jangan sekali-kali menggunakan kon aiskrim plak. Bakar sampai masak, celup dalam coklat masak & tabur dengan manik hiasan berwarna pasti=2 politik yang ada di Malaysia.

Biskut Golongan Janda Mencari Duda (Samperit).

Samperit. Hiaskan mengikut kreativiti anda. Fakta-memotong ceri amatlah bosan. So stop using Cherry merry.

Tepung Gandum 240g.
Tepung Jagung plus minus 140g.
Gula aising 140g (kalau anda golongan diabetes tambah lagi sekali ganda kuantiti gula ini).
Tepung Kastard 150g.
Butter dalam 280g.
Telur Kuning 2 biji.

#Campur semua bahan di atas dan gunakan acuan bersesuaian untuk membentuk samperit. Hiaskan dengan ceri @ manik @ yang sewaktu dengannya. Nak letak esen vanila @ serbuk penaik pun boleh. Bakar dengan suhu 170 selama mana yang difikirkan wajar.

Caution:Resepi diatas adalah hanya untuk golongan yang makan tak lalu, tidur lena, mandi basah, shampoo cuci. Jikalau anda bukan dari kerabat ini, diminta tidak curi=2 membuat resepi ini kerana anda akan terima balasan di kemudian hari. Selepas mencuba resepi ini badan anda=2 sekalian akan berukuran 36-19-22. Tertakluk pada terma & syarat.
Diantara resepi paling genyah (kalau dalam bahasa Kedah is complicated) ialah biskut aiskrim, sebab kena wat 2,3 keja. So kalo nak senang buat aja Resepi Si Janda jika anda duda dan sebaliknya.
Salam biskut.
Majulah Durian Burung Untuk Konsortium.
Majulah Maraliner untuk Transnasional.
Selamat pulang ke kampung halaman.
-salam aidilfitri daripada semua chefs cook-a-rama sempena lebaran-

Fried Kue Teow (aah ek, camne nak eja?)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mesti orang cakap, alaaahh senang je, xyah ajar pun xpe. Shut up. Bangga tau dapat buat (tho tolong-tolong je) Haha.


kue teow thingy
lada boh
bawang besar & garlic : blender-ed
chicken fillet : cubed, cincang wtv u wish
assorted veggie : sawi, kobis, bean sprouts
pinch of salt
some cooking oil


1. panaskan minyak dalam kuali dan bila dah, tumis lada boh sampai garing. diulang sampai garing.
2. masukkan the blender-ed bawang dan biar sampai masak juga.
3. masukkan ayam (or wtv u want) so that it has time to cook.
4. add kicap and gula and salt and pepper. salt sikit jela kan sebab dah ada kicap.
5. add assorted veggie and telur, letting the egg set.
6. once telur dah set, add the kue teow. kacau kacau rata. my mum tak bagi tutup sebab nanti lembik but i did it secara tak sengaja (sebab tak pernah, haha) and it turned out kinda mushy but i prefer that!
7. uh oh, dah siap!

* am not sure to actually set the proportion for ingredients. may differ according to needs.

macam ade benda tertinggal...hurm. kalau ade orang buat and tak sedap betul la kot tertinggal. haha.

banana in pyjamas?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

jangan tertipu dengan tajuk itu..hehe. sebenarnye nak bagi resipi pengat pisang. tau ke ek ape mende tu?? hentam saja laaa.. tak tahu sila lah tanya ye.

Pengat Pisang

some people called it pisang sira lemak
(pengat in english ape ek?)

Bulan-bulan puasa ni, saya amat suka pengat pisang! makan lepas terawikh, layan gila beb.hehe

Bahan membahan
Pisang Abu yg tak berapa muda tak berapa masak
Gula Kabung ( gula lain pun boleh eg. gula pasir, gula perang tp gula kabung the best! ) - agak2 sudey, ikut jumlah pisang yg ada.
Santan - 100 - 150 ml
Daun Pandan - 2-3 helai
Sagu - 2 sudu besar

senang gila je nak buat. mula2, larutkan gula kabung dgn air dlm periuk atas dapur.
lepas tu, bila dah larut masukkan pisang, sagu dan daun pandan ke dalam periuk. daun pandan tu ikat simpul mati ala2 pengakap punya style. bila pisang dah agak masak dan serap larutan gula tu masukkan santan. kacau sentiasa untuk mengelakkan santan td pecah. pecah santan tu macam cair dan kelihatan berbiji-biji.(err, faham2 jela). kalau agak pekat boleh la masukkan sedikit air. then,siap! lepas tu makan la! hehe

that's all for now!
salam perpaduan..

hot chicken rendang! haha

Hi, wah saya dah join cook-a-rama. and since most of the author here likes to post the modern dish, let me post the traditional ones. hehe

Rendang Pedas Ayam

Resipi ini khas ditujukan kepada rakan2 yang nak beraya kat UK tuh.. jangan nangis ye tak dapat rendang buatan emak atau nenek, gunalah resipi ini dan bikin sendiri itu rendang okay..

Seekor Ayam la for sure (dipotong saiz sederhana)
Bawang merah - 6-7 biji
Halia -(err, saiz ibu jari kaki)
Daun Kunyit - 3-4 helai
Serbuk Kunyit
Cili Kering (Guna cili yg dah siap digiling tu pun bole, to kureng kick la)
Serai - 2 btg
Santan - 300ml (atau sebanyak 2 biji kelapa)
Garam - secukup rasa
Asam Keping - 2 kpg

1. Gaulkan serbuk kunyit pada ayam dan biarkan beberapa minit.
2. Hiris HALUS-HALUS bawang merah, halia, serai dan daun kunyit.
3. Basuh cili kering dan buangkan bijinya (taknak buang pun takpe) dan masukkan ke dalam blender. Masukkan sedikit air dan blend sampai hancur lumat.
4. Masukkan ayam tadi kedalam kuali serta bahan-bahan yang telah dihiris.
5. Tuangkan blended chili tadi ke dalam kuali.
6. Hidupkan api (sederhana) dan kacau bahan2 dalam kuali tu sampai kering sedikit.
7. Setelah bahan2 tadi mengeluarkan aroma yg menusuk hidung dan agak kering, barulah tuangkan santan ke dalam kuali.
8. Agak-agak semua bahan dah rata, masukkan garam sesedap rasa sendiri.
8. Kacau kacau dan kacau sampai ayam masak, then siap! (Tahap kekeringan rendang bergantung kepada citarasa sendiri)

sekian buat kali in
salam perpaduan..

I call it "Lamb burger immersed in cheesy egg". heh

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ok, first of all, coming from me.... pergh~ this is a great shock to myself, considering that I have no knowledge of how to cook (except for the basics. heh). I'm putting this under the labels "bread" and "side dish". On to the ingredients


1. A lamb burger. I'm recommending "Darabif". Oh, trust me, it's delicious. Being a big eater, I've tried many brands before, nothing can match "Darabif". The picture: tadaaa~

2. eggs
3. Cheese. I'd recommend using Kraft's singles
4. Salad
5. Sauces: mayo, thousand island, chili etc
6. Bread


1. First, put the burger on a non-stick frying pan. No oil is needed, all the natural oil will come out on its own =p With a lamb burger, you might find that it takes longer than usual to cook. Allow 20-30 minutes.

2. After around 15-20 minutes, cut the cheese into small cubes, and crack open the egg. Mix them both together, and on another frying pan (with a lil oil), make your cheesy egg.

3. Take two pieces of bread, apply all the above mentioned sauces, salad, and put the burger and egg. Eat while its hot. Trust me, the cheese will melt in your mouth. Yummy. Had it for sahur =p

So there you go. A recipe from a guy. What else can a guy cook? =p

Pineapple Cobbler

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh begitu yummy. Plan to do it again with apple pulak sebab sgt sedap. Mengalahkan apple pie (which was a non-mover since 10yrs ago!) to gain no.2 in my list of fav food. Dan sangat senang!


1/2 cup butter/margarine
1 cup self-raising flour
1 cup sugar : i lessened it a bit sebab nenas kinda manis dah
1 cup milk

1 can pineapple chunks : or as much as you like
1/2 cup brown sugar


1. Mix all ingredient A in a bowl in this order: butter+flour, sugar, milk. You will get a smooth batter. Set aside.
2. Mix ingredient B in another bowl, toss well so that the pineapple is evenly coated with sugar.
3. Dalam bekas kaca, pour the sugar-coated nenas. Then pour the batter one spoonful at a time. Some prefer letak batter baru nenas. Up to you.
4. Bake at 200C for half an hour. Done!

Oh i wish i have a cam now. Sorry for the photo non-existence.




"Syukur kehadrat Ilahi dengan limpah dan kurnianya dapat aku berpeluang berada di laman sesawang ini untuk menyepahkan resepi sesuka hati aku".

Hah tudiah, ayat rasmi untuk kesekian kalinya disebabkan ini pertama kali di invite, maka menjadi sangat 'tidak ketahuan'.

Roti yang direndam sehingga kembang


Roti Gardenia yang dah nak expired @ yang dah expired tanpa sebarang kehadiran unsur=2 'kekulatan'.

Susu segar + susu cair + susu pekat.


# Rendam semua roti dalam air dan susu selama 20 minit, atau sehingga kembang macam Cik Nur-bukan nama sebenar.

Masa untuk membancuh


Sesudu besar tepung jagung.

Susu cair setengan cawan.

Telur ayam 5 biji, kalo saiz C tambahkan sebiji lagi.

Gula mengikut citarasa kencing manis anda. Kalo boleh campur gula merah dan gula pasir. Gula merah akan memberi rasa manis yang lembut dari gula putih dan juga memberi warna pada puding roti.

Oats dan sebuk nestum dikisar halus.

Biskut cream crackers yang juga diramas halus.

Madu 2 camca.

Serbuk kulit kayu manis sedikit.

Esen vanila 1 sudu kecil.

Mixed Fruits, atau hirisan kurma atau badam hancur.

Boleh juga ditambah corn flakes yang diramas halus.

Tambah sedikit susu pekat manis lebih kurang satu camca.

Krim putar 2 camca.

#Gaul bahan=2 di atas sampai sebati dan kembang, masukkan roti yang telah direndam tadi dan gaulkan. Griskan mangkuk pembakar dan tuangkan adunan. Ia akan menjadi sedikit cair, tapi jangan riso, bukankah kelembapan itu idaman semua wanita! Letakkan sedikit butter di atas adunan before bakar supaya adunan tidak cepat kering kontang! Ada sesetengan bahan=2 di atas adalah optional, maka ikotlah selera dan citarasa anda. Ukur baju di badan

Kuantiti setiap bahan mengikut nafsu anda , bukankah elok mengukur baju di badan sendiri.

#Kalau rasa tahap kolesterol dalam badan masih kureng, maka marilah kita membuat sos untuk di makan bersama puding roti ini. Anda hanya perlu masukkan susu segar + gula + tepung kastad+ air. Dan finally tuangkan di atas puding roti yang telah di potong.

Masukkan Kismis @ Mixed Fruits

#Tips, kalau anda mahu buat roti yang telah dibuang kulitnya pon takpe, tapi kalo tak mahu membazir, masukkan aja, bertambah sedap. Susu segar plus susu cair lagi sedap jika dibandingkan dengan penggunaan susu cair sahaja. Boleh hiaskan dengan coklat cair sebagai sos juga.

#Puding ni, tak manis sangat so sangat sesuai untuk golongan janda dan ibu tunggal yang ada diabetes. Tapi if nak letak susu pekat so make sure gula kurang sikit. Pastu boleh add madu sikit. Nak masukkan any perasa pon boleh, lemon ker @ durian belanda??.

Yang Pasti: Kedah Majoo 2010

Salamat MencobaQ!

potato salad

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mari kita buat benda simple plak. Hehe.


5-6 medium potatoes : boiled, peeled, cubed (in said order)
4 eggs : hard-boiled, mashed
lemon juice
daun bawang : chopped
pepper and salt and sugar

*serves 6-8 (or 5-6 if you have a big eater around).

Combine mayo, mashed egg, pepper, salt, sugar in a bowl. Add lemon juice. Add potatoes. Toss and turn, mix well. Garnish with daun bawang. Done.

Udang Masak Asam

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

i dont know whether u guys dh tau bout this recipe or not..but who cares..nk ltak jgk..hehe..
o ya, i'm sori if all my recipes nvr reali have exact sukatan for the ingredients coz time msk i'll just pandai2 bajet je ltak..hehe..


Prawn (Udang)
Tamarind (Asam Jawa)
-agak2 cukup utk udang. jgn byk sgt, nnt terlalu masam
Soy Sauce (Kicap)
Onion (Bawang Besar)
Cooking Oil (Minyak Masak)

  1. marinade the prawn with tamarind n soy sauce for around 15-20 minutes. u can do longer if u want. meanwhile, prepare the onion. i'm sure korg tau cane nk potong bawang.
  2. heat the oil in a wok or a pan. for those yg x tau cane nk check whether the oil is hot enuf or not, try gune senduk kayu n ltak kt dlm minyak td. if there's a kind of a crackle sound or bunyi ala ala deep fry,that means the oil is hot enough.
  3. put in the onion n kacau sampai nmpk agak layu. n then,put in the prawn yg dh marinade td n kacau sampai msk. dh siap!simple je.
  4. kalau suke ade kuah, jgn goreng sampai kering. its up to u. but even if u prefer xde kuah, aku nasihatkn jgn goreng lame sgt coz u dun want it to be too dry. plus, the trick with prawn is not to cook it for too long or it wont taste fresh n isi die akan jd x sdap. trust me.

Turkish Fruit Cake

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

hello pretty ladies,
don't just sit at home and be like boys (am i being feminist here, wtv) =P

okay saya cilok this recipe from some book i found in the kitchen, and decided to try it, wishing hard and crossing my 15-year-old fingers (i wish) so that it'll turn just like the one in the book.. but blergh.. the cake is physically cacat-ed but it tastes great +heee~believe me+

so here's the recipe..

ingredients :

250g butter (low-fat please darlings)
75g corn starch (kot, or bahasa zaman batunya tepung jagung ehee)
75g tepung gandum (multi purpose flour kot, ntah la)
150g soft brown sugar
6 eggs
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp buah pelaga (i have no idea what this is, i used nutmeg je)
250g mixed fruit
100g chopped walnut

here's how :

1. first, chop the walnut.. like this.. eheee

2. Line the pan or whatever it is u want to use with a bit of butter and set aside. Preheat the oven at 160C.
3. Beat the butter until it turns white. Add in sugar, bit by bit, until it turns white again. Please be patient ok, this may take a lil while.
4. Add the eggs, one by one. Continue beating until sebati (eheh)

5. Meanwhile, sift both flour with baking powder, buah pelaga, cinnamon and salt. Add mixed fruits and chopped walnut into this mixture and gaul2 la. mix well.
6. Then, add this to the butter mixture and continue beating. Mix well. It'll be like this

7. Bakar for about 1hr to 1 1/2 hours, sampai masak. When done, let the cake cool, and top it with cooking chocolate and almonds.

Good Luck. I'll post another one recipe later. Chocolate Heaven Muffin. Ni mmg terliur la.. sgt sedap.. Eheee...~ Toodles nak tgk prison break -yaz

p/s : keringkan mixed fruit tu dulu (utk kasi ringan) , so that they wont settle at the bottom of the cake.

Simple Kuetiaw (or however u spell it) Sup

Monday, September 1, 2008

*this recipe cooks for 3-4 ppl who doesnt have a big appetite

ayam yg dh dipotong sebanyak yg anda suka (preferably white meat)
kuetiaw 1 packet
sayur (i usually use tauge n sawi je)
salt n pepper


its really easy to herbs or any rempah needed.
put the chicken in a pot and add a lot of water..n then put sum salt n pepper..4 sum flavouring..u can add a little ajinomoto if u like tho i usually dun coz i think salt is enuf kot..
this is a very basic chicken soup..x pyh bawang n etc.
ble dh siap (which means the soup dh boiled n the taste is perfect), kluakan the chicken frm the pot n put the pot aside.
shred the chicken meat.


boil a pot of water n put a small amount of oil into the water..just a small amount so that the kuetiaw wont be too sticky when its done n also to give it a bit of a shiny look.
once the water is boiling,put ur kuetiaw into the pot n leave it for a few minutes.dont leave it too long or the kuetiaw will be lembik..
once done,drain the water and DO NOT basuh the keutiaw with cold water. dun even put it under running water..unless u want ur kuetiaw to be lembik n snang putus..
this actually applies to spaghetti too..
put the kuetiaw into a bowl and put it aside..

you can do the same thing with the veggies..dont leave ur veggies in the boiling water 4 too long,it'll kill the vitamins..drain the water.


now u hav soup,kuetiaw,shredded chicken n sum veggies..dh blh mkn..=)..
if u like ur food pedas, u can put sum cili padi yg dh dipotong n kicap..
n also sum pepper..

oh ya,also sum bawang goreng if u like..self made or yg bli kt supermarket..doesnt matter..; )..